David Cross Parodies "Know Your Rights" Videos With Keegan-Michael Key

In preview of David Cross and Bob Odenkirk’s new Netflix sketch series With Bob and David, they’ve released a clip which parodies the “Know Your Rights” videos. If you haven’t seen them, the series is a YouTube staple that features various ways with which to engage with law enforcement, and are often recorded by white… »11/02/15 1:22pm11/02/15 1:22pm


"Weird Al" Yankovic's Mandatory Fun Is Not The End (We Hope)

Does anyone actually hate "Weird Al" Yankovic? You'll usually find two reactions to him: adoration or indifference, with the indifference mostly confined to wayward millennials. Considering that he's been churning out parodies (and originals!) for nearly 35 years, that in itself is impressive. He's done his thing… »7/18/14 10:03am7/18/14 10:03am

Sports Illustrated Falls For Satire About Nick Saban Visiting Texas

What you see above is the story that went screaming out on the SI Wire at SI.com earlier today. Technically, it's true: Nick Saban is indeed visiting Texas this weekend—but only because Alabama's showdown with Texas A&M is still scheduled for Saturday in College Station. But that's not all SI.com is telling you here:… »9/09/13 1:41pm9/09/13 1:41pm

The American University Swim Team Went To Miami And Got Their LMFAO On

We've been inundated with links to this little video that the American University men's swim team made during a training trip to Miami Beach. That means one of two things: either this is on its way to being the next D1 viral video, or all the people sending links are on AU's swim team, and they really, really want… »3/05/12 9:45am3/05/12 9:45am