"When Marrone Interviewed, He Must Have Been Extremely Impressive": Six Writers Talking Themselves Into New Bills Coach Doug Marrone

Chan Gailey was pretty much a washout from the start for the Bills, and fans who withstood his 16-32 record there are understandably happy to have him gone. Still—who's the new guy? Doug Marrone is: Syracuse's former coach, a one-time offensive coordinator under Sean Peyton, and...that's kind of it. Marrone may well… »1/06/13 4:15pm1/06/13 4:15pm


Mean Things John Hollinger Wrote About The Memphis Grizzlies Less Than Three Months Before They Hired Him

One of the many joys of reading John Hollinger, now departed from his job as ESPN's basketball analytics guru for a front-office position with the Memphis Grizzlies, was that he used his remarkably sharp read on the contributions of NBA players to point out, without reservation, when an NBA player wasn't… »12/15/12 10:35am12/15/12 10:35am