John Lackey Traded A Babe Ruth Autographed Ball For His Uniform Number

Save for a brief stint alongside Victor Martinez, John Lackey has worn No. 41 his entire professional life. But ahead of the deadline, he was traded to the Cardinals, who already had a No. 41 in reliever Pat Neshek. Favorite numbers don't come cheap. » 8/20/14 2:17pm 8/20/14 2:17pm

A's Pitcher Pat Neshek's Newborn Son Has Died

On Monday, the Oakland Athletics clinched a playoff spot, and just a few hours later pitcher Pat Neshek's wife went into labor. Neshek flew to Florida and was with his wife when she gave birth to a baby boy. » 10/04/12 9:55am 10/04/12 9:55am

Pat Neshek Gets Horrible Fan Mail

Really, the shocking thing about this letter is not that it was sent — autograph hounds represent the lowest phylum of baseball fan — but that this Twins enthusiast didn't ask for Kent Hrbek, Tony Oliva, and Walter Johnson, too. » 2/12/10 7:12pm 2/12/10 7:12pm

Bad Day For Neshek

Despite our our (and many others') attempts to get out the vote, Twins reliever Pat Neshek finished third in the final All-Star voting. We wonder if perhaps he might have won if he'd had an extra few days in there, Rory Fitzpatrick style, but, alas. » 7/06/07 10:55am 7/06/07 10:55am

Vote Neshek, Everybody!

Twins reliever Pat Neshek is having a rather outstanding year, with an ERA at 1.37 and pitching in that submarine way we always find charming. He's actually one of the five finalists for the last American League All-Star spot, voted on by fans on And he's unleashing his secret weapon to bring out the vote: … » 7/03/07 2:30pm 7/03/07 2:30pm