Pat Tillman Now Leads Arizona State Onto The Field

It's a damn shame that Pat Tillman, killed by friendly fire in an Afghanistan mountain pass, the truth of his death covered up by the Pentagon, tends to be used as a symbol for the exact opposite of what he should be remembered for. But if anyone's allowed to claim and exploit him, I suppose it'd be the Sun Devils. » 9/06/13 9:55am 9/06/13 9:55am

Pat Tillman's Mom Is Not Happy With The NFL

Like some of you I suspect, I hadn't read Dave Zirin's great Mary Tillman interview over at his blog, Edge of Sports, when it came out last week. But now he's adapted it as an opinion piece for the Los Angeles Times, and I highly recommend taking the time to give them both a look. In it, Mary Tillman accuses the NFL… » 6/10/08 12:35pm 6/10/08 12:35pm

Not Surprisingly, The Buzzsaw Can't Even Do This Right

Last Sunday, during another grueling loss for The Buzzsaw That Is The Arizona Cardinals, the halftime show at the University Of Phoenix Stadium intended to honor the late Pat Tillman, who was killed in Afghanistan in April 2004, with the retirement of his jersey on the stadium's Ring Of Honor. A special video was… » 11/15/06 3:15pm 11/15/06 3:15pm

Get Thee To A Newsstand (Or SI.com, At Least)

Though we grew up thinking he was the the best sportswriter on the planet — and one of our favorite journalists anywhere — we'll confess souring somewhat on Sports Illustrated scribe Gary Smith in recent years. His writing was still top-notch, but it was beginning to become repetitive. He'd either write about a major… » 9/08/06 4:00pm 9/08/06 4:00pm