Here Is The Paterno Family's Lawsuit Against The NCAA

Though delayed by overtime hockey, Costas Tonight eventually devoted a whole hour last night to a re-examination of the Freeh report. Bob Costas said at the outset—and at the end of the program—that he had invited Louis Freeh and NCAA president Mark Emmert to participate in the discussion. They declined. Which meant… »5/30/13 6:54pm5/30/13 6:54pm

What The Paterno Family's Investigation Got Right And Wrong About The Freeh Report

The Paterno family's exhaustive evaluation of the Freeh report, prepared by the family's attorney and other experts who were paid to reach the conclusions the family wanted, is right about this much: The proof that Joe Paterno orchestrated or even participated in a malicious cover-up of Jerry Sandusky's serial sex… »2/11/13 12:05pm2/11/13 12:05pm