Here Is The Joe Paterno Statue Being Removed

As we told you earlier, the Joe Paterno Statue outside Beaver Stadium was taken down this morning behind tarp-covered fences. It took about nine construction workers aided by a forklift less than an hour and half to take down the statue, covered in a blanket. [WGAL] » 7/22/12 10:16am 7/22/12 10:16am

Plane Flying Above Penn State Warns: "Take Down The Statue Or We Will"

Several tipsters have sent us pictures of a plane currently flying over State College with an ominous banner in tow. It offers PSU an ultimatum, take down the statue of child-rape enabler Joe Paterno that stands outside Beaver Stadium, or we'll do it ourselves. » 7/17/12 12:35pm 7/17/12 12:35pm