Patric Young Baits Pittsburgh Into Vicious Block

Patric Young just slow-played himself into an awesome block. Young let Pitt Guard James Robinson slide past him—watch how he is making an effort to hold his hands down—and once Robinson makes his move to the basket, Young swats the shit out of it from behind. » 3/22/14 1:52pm 3/22/14 1:52pm

There Are Blocked Shots, And Then There's What Florida's Patric Young…

The annual battle between Florida and Florida State cagers wasn't much of a fight (the Gators won handily) but it did bring us an early nominee for block of the year, a "YOINK!" of tremendous measure when Florida sophomore Patric Young elevated to rip the ball straight from layup-minded Seminole senior Bernard… » 12/23/11 11:45am 12/23/11 11:45am