The KKK And Noisy Crickets Stopped Patrick Ewing From Going To UNC

NBA legend Patrick Ewing went on the Dan Patrick Show this morning to talk about his new position as an assistant coach for the Charlotte Bobcats, and the conversation eventually turned to reminiscing about Ewing's college days. In particular, Patrick wanted to know exactly why Ewing chose to attend Georgetown… »6/13/13 1:47pm6/13/13 1:47pm

Trope-Recycling Bill Simmons Has Bill Simmons Syndrome

Bill Simmons this week mused on the fate of Dwight Howard, who appears to be the NBA's equivalent of plutonium: a potential world-beater but perilously radioactive. To characterize the gap between Perceived Dwight Howard and Actual Dwight Howard, the founder of Grantland and ESPN spittling-head did something very Bill… »5/25/13 4:51pm5/25/13 4:51pm

It's 2012, And Michael Jordan Has Found Another Way To Humiliate Patrick Ewing

Patrick Ewing's career can only be defined by his failures at the hands of Michael Jordan. Be it college or the pros, Ewing has never been able to reach the ultimate success in his profession because Michael was always in the way. And now, ever nearer to the pinnacle of his post-playing career—an actual head coaching… »5/30/12 11:35am5/30/12 11:35am