Who Would Win if Real Seahawks Played Football Against Real Patriots?

For whatever reason, Americans prefer the Super Bowl to involve men playing football under the names of various animals and soldiers, and not the actual soldiers and animals themselves. Which is why at Gawker, we're asking the only important question: What would happen if a real patriot played against a real seahawk? » 1/31/15 9:15am 1/31/15 9:15am

Map: The Long Summer Of Gronk

Rob Gronkowski played his last game for the Patriots on Jan. 13, breaking his arm in a playoff win against the Texans. A week later, New England was eliminated from the playoffs and Gronkowski was once again free to roam the Earth. The Summer of Gronk had begun. » 9/26/13 2:07pm 9/26/13 2:07pm

Drop City: Your Patriots-Jets GIF Roundup

Patriots 13, Jets 10: The game was ugly before the rain. It became more difficult to watch once it started pouring. Here are the highlights to prove that this awful thing existed. » 9/13/13 1:30am 9/13/13 1:30am

Beer Of The Week: Australia's Coopers Brewery Sparkling Ale

When I dropped the six-pack of Coopers Brewery Sparkling Ale on the counter at the liquor store, the clerk immediately began singing its praises, in what sounded like an Australian accent. This was pure happy coincidence, best I could tell. » 10/20/12 11:00pm 10/20/12 11:00pm

Before The Giants Ruined The Patriots' Perfect Season, The Perfect…

We're doing a season-long NFL roundtable with our friends at Slate. Check back here each week as a rotating cast of football watchers discusses the weekend's key plays, coaching decisions, and traumatic brain injuries. » 2/02/12 3:00pm 2/02/12 3:00pm

Who Wants To Watch Tom Brady Cry?

Tom Brady paused for a near droplet in an ESPN interview about his draft day in 2000, when he wasn't selected until the sixth round. Brady, who seems to be growing more expressive with age, paused to remember his supportive parents and needed a moment. He also entertained the idea that he would have been "an… » 4/11/11 12:05pm 4/11/11 12:05pm

Randy Moss Tells Jets That Patriots Are 'Still The Team To Beat.' That…

If there's one thing that Matt Cassel wishes for his starting debut with the Patriots on Sunday, it's that a prominent teammate talk some smack to the opposing team, which already has a contract out on him to begin with. Oh, and a very painful cold sore; that would be good. Randy Moss just couldn't help popping off to… » 9/11/08 2:00pm 9/11/08 2:00pm

Another Reason To Yammer About Tom Brady All Week

SCANDALOUS celebrity Web site TMZ was the first to post the pictures of Tom Brady's "boot cast thing" — trademark Deadspin! — and it is everyone in a tizzy. We quite love the idea of John Clayton and Len Pasquarelli digging through TMZ for more Tom Brady injury updates. » 1/22/08 5:35pm 1/22/08 5:35pm

Bill Belichick Is A Surly Dick

Michael Showalter is one of the minds behind The State and Stella and the writer and star of the films Wet Hot American Summer and The Baxter. We're a fan. He also, apparently, is a sports fan. To promote his new album Sandwiches And Cats, he's doing a pseudo tour of the various lousy blogs like ours, and we're… » 11/13/07 4:00pm 11/13/07 4:00pm