Nebraska Wrestling Fiasco Makes Everyone Look Like Di... Jerks

"Outside The Lines" took a closer look at Nebraska's wrestling program (spoiler: it's corrupt) after last year's uncomfortable gay porn scandal, and somehow everyone involved ends up looking like the bad guy. Go figure! » 6/15/09 4:14pm 6/15/09 4:14pm

Naked Nebraska Wrestler Doing Just Fine At New School

Remember those Nebraska wrestlers who occasionally liked to take their clothes off for gay porn sites? It turns out that they also like to wrestle! One of them is pretty good at it, too. » 2/12/09 10:15am 2/12/09 10:15am

Nebraska Wrestlers Dismissed From Team

Just three days after their identities were unveiled in connection with a gay p0rn site » 8/13/08 11:15am 8/13/08 11:15am, Nebraska wrestlers . Neither of the two men has made any comment on the incident, but Nebraska issued the usual statement about these men not reflecting the values of the team. More interesting? The owner of sounded…