Paul George Is Playing Like A Superstar Again

The Pacers are not a fun team to watch. Aside from Monta Ellis’ inevitable scoring outbursts and the odd Chase Budinger dunk, they don’t produce a lot of highlights. They play with one of the slowest paces in the league and score the fifth-fewest points in the NBA. Myles Turner is the most intriguing young player on… »11/14/15 4:00pm11/14/15 4:00pm


Paul George Recovering Quickly, Already Swishing Jumpers

After Paul George horrifically broke his leg on August 1st, all reports said that he was expected to miss the entirety of the upcoming season. Since that timeframe put George out for at least nine months, it was surprisingly to see him walking at the Pacers media day with only a small limp. Well this video takes it up… »10/20/14 11:27pm10/20/14 11:27pm

How Much Did Paul George's Injury Affect The Pacers' Title Chances?

Even as Paul George laid on the parquet of the Thomas & Mack Center, being treated for the stomach-turning break to his right leg, degenerates were just waiting until enough time had passed 1. to talk about it coldly without being Twitter-shamed and 2. for the lines to open up again. Once they did, you would have seen… »8/04/14 9:05pm8/04/14 9:05pm

Paul George's Injury Has Some In The NBA Rethinking International Play

Paul George's catastrophic leg injury was horrible for him, of course, but rough too for the Pacers and for the NBA, which will be without him for a year. So it's not a surprise that everyone's reconsidering the calculus of international basketball, in which a whole bunch is risked for very little reward. »8/04/14 9:19am8/04/14 9:19am

Non-Standard Stanchion Location Contributes To Paul George Injury

A major contributing factor to Paul George's leg injury was the location of the basket stanchion relative to a typical NBA game. While injuries are a freak occurrence and part of the game, it is clear that the stanchion was closer to the court than players are used to in the NBA. This particular location at the… »8/02/14 11:04am8/02/14 11:04am

Photos: Teammates React To Paul George's Gruesome Leg Injury

Paul George suffered a horrifying leg injury during Team USA's Blue-White scrimmage last night that left the entire arena in silence and, his teammates specifically, in sympathetic anguish. Paul tweeted after the game and was in positive spirits, but it's impossible not feel for him, even more so as a fellow athlete… »8/02/14 9:29am8/02/14 9:29am

Someone Robbed Paul George's House While He Was At The Game

I bet last night, after another demoralizing thrashing at the hands of the Hawks, Paul George couldn't wait to get home and away from it all. But before he returned, his parents informed him that his house had been burgled, the thief making off with over $15,000 worth of stuff. Talk about kicking a guy when he's down. »4/29/14 12:17pm4/29/14 12:17pm

Shot Clock Tricks Paul George Into Taking 37-Footer; Nothing But Net

The Pacers snapped a three-game skid—and stayed percentage points behind the Heat for first in the East—after pulling away from the Pistons for a 101-94 win. That late run got going with this comically long three, sunk by Paul George after the shot clock failed to reset on an offensive rebound, and George saw his… »4/03/14 8:43am4/03/14 8:43am