Someone Robbed Paul George's House While He Was At The Game

I bet last night, after another demoralizing thrashing at the hands of the Hawks, Paul George couldn't wait to get home and away from it all. But before he returned, his parents informed him that his house had been burgled, the thief making off with over $15,000 worth of stuff. Talk about kicking a guy when he's down. » 4/29/14 12:17pm 4/29/14 12:17pm

Shot Clock Tricks Paul George Into Taking 37-Footer; Nothing But Net

The Pacers snapped a three-game skid—and stayed percentage points behind the Heat for first in the East—after pulling away from the Pistons for a 101-94 win. That late run got going with this comically long three, sunk by Paul George after the shot clock failed to reset on an offensive rebound, and George saw his… » 4/03/14 8:43am 4/03/14 8:43am

This Is What Dunking On LeBron James Sounds Like

The Pacers' 84-83 victory over the Heat wasn't the most entertaining game in the world—at times it felt more like a demolition derby between LeBron James and Roy Hibbert than a basketball game—but Paul George yamming one on 'Bron is a highlight worth revisiting. Even more so because George was mic'd up for the game. » 3/27/14 9:37am 3/27/14 9:37am

Paul George Says He Was Not Catfished, But Knows Who Sent Dick Pics

Paul George talked about his genitals today and denied that he was Catfished. While George says the story itself—that a man duped him into sending penis pictures—is fake, he does not deny that it's his dick we've all seen. All he's saying is that he's not directly responsible for it being part of the public record.… » 3/24/14 8:18pm 3/24/14 8:18pm

The Pacers' Paul George Has Gradually Exploded All At Once

After two games in Miami, it's no longer assured that the Heat — reigning champs, winners of 27 straight in the regular season, top seed in the Eastern Conference, proud owners of fans like these — are going to dispatch the Indiana Pacers quickly, or for that matter, at all. The series is tied at a game apiece, and… » 5/25/13 7:46pm 5/25/13 7:46pm