Paul Konerko Is An MVP Candidate, And Possibly Psychic

Just a few scant months ago, the White Sox were seriously contemplating naming Paul Konerko a player-manager. It would have been an honor, but an honor usually bestowed on well-respected baseball minds in the twilight of their careers. (Never mind that Konerko's 2011 "twilight" was yet another .300, 30-HR season.) »5/29/12 10:45am5/29/12 10:45am

The White Sox Could Have Had A Player-Manager. Damn, So Close.

Robin Ventura was formally introduced as the new White Sox manager today, a move that few people saw coming. But in a move that even fewer people saw not-coming, which they shouldn't have because it didn't happen, the ChiSox braintrust "considered" naming Paul Konerko a player-manager, the first in baseball in 26… »10/11/11 3:30pm10/11/11 3:30pm