Paul Ryan Allegedly Ran His One And Only Marathon "On A Whim" After Three Weeks Of Training

We're all aware Paul Ryan is in very good shape, as a longtime devotee to P90X, and his feats of athletic impressiveness are becoming well known. He's run a marathon! He's climbed mountains! Except that's where the facts have been getting fuzzy as of late. The marathon kerfuffle, which happened when Runner's World

VP Candidate Paul Ryan Praised The "Storied" Cleveland Browns And Quarterback "Brendan Wheaton"

Political pandering is hard to pull off right these days, but Paul Ryan should know better than to laud a "storied" franchise that's never won a Super Bowl and has one winning season in the last 10 (and, depending on your interpretation of such things, has only existed since 1999). Also, you got to be able to…