SI's Dr. Z Recovering After Two Strokes

This is sad news from the sports media world. Paul Zimmerman, the grouchy football columnist better known as Dr. Z, suffered two strokes in late November and is currently on a leave of absence while he recovers. He'll survive, but how it'll affect the rest of his writing career is still undetermined. Peter King wrote… » 12/02/08 2:00pm 12/02/08 2:00pm

Media Approval Ratings: Paul Zimmerman

It's rare that an NFL column makes us feel like we just drank a bottle of wine, but that's what Paul Zimmerman — Dr. Z, if you're down with the hip parlance — does for us. » 4/04/08 1:05pm 4/04/08 1:05pm

Billy Joel Hopefully Sober For National Anthem

So here's something we hadn't realized: Billy Joel is singing the national anthem at the Super Bowl. Though we are impressed that the NFL remains current and cutting edge with their selection of everyone's favorite rapidly decaying crooner, we are also curious about just how long it's gonna take him to sing it. Paul… » 1/29/07 3:15pm 1/29/07 3:15pm

Dr. Z Hangs Out With Swimsuit Models

We know, we know: The unconditional love for SI scribe Rick Reilly's "Riffs Of Reilly" segment — sample comedic genius moment: "USC's quarterback is John David Booty and Texas' is Colt McCoy. Hey, weren't both those guys on 'Gunsmoke?'" Oh, Rick, you slay us! — makes you think that must be so tapped out… » 9/12/06 5:30pm 9/12/06 5:30pm

Dr. Z Is Mad As Hell (Again)

We'll get into an update of all the fun Zinedine Zidane theories a little later today, but we wanted to pause to take a look at Paul Zimmerman's column for yesterday. We have no shame about this: We love Paul Zimmerman. We know he's old, we know he's cranky, we know he probably spends most of his evenings… » 7/11/06 11:00am 7/11/06 11:00am