MLS Salaries Make No Secret Of MLS Plan To Create NY-LA Rivalry

In MLS Commissioner Don Garber's perfect world, the two biggest markets in the country would have the two best teams. These teams would, of course, be the New York Red Bulls and the LA Galaxy. They would be better than the other teams but not so much better that fans in smaller markets would give up hope. Ideally,… » 5/09/11 2:55pm 5/09/11 2:55pm

This Man Made Over $1 Million Throwing Darts

Among other exotic revelations in this ESPN list of top-paid athletes, Phil Taylor has become a very wealthy man by throwing metal spikes at cork boards. Taylor, who took up darts at a local pub called the Crafty Cockney, earned $1,044,000 in prize money in 2010. I'm sure he's very serious about it now. How could he… » 5/03/11 3:00pm 5/03/11 3:00pm