Popular YouTubers Revealed As Owners Of Counter-Strike Gambling Site They Promote [UPDATE]

Over the holiday weekend, a whole load of dirt got thrown into the already murky waters of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gambling scene. Popular YouTubers Trevor ‘TmarTn’ Martin and Tom ‘ProSyndicate’ Cassell were revealed to be key staff of a skin gambling site they’ve promoted (sans overt disclosure of that…

Match-Fixing Report Shows How Gambling Has Ruined Korean StarCraft

The Korean prosecutor’s office leading the StarCraft 2 match-fixing investigation released its report this week, and the results are not good for fans of the sport. One of the game’s greatest players, Lee “Life” Seung Hyun, now stands convicted of match-fixing, as well as another leading player, Bung “Bbyong” Woo Yong.

One Wild, Occasionally Nauseating Week Of Virtual Reality With The Oculus Rift

For the past week, I’ve been strapping a headset to my face and embracing the sensory overload of modern virtual reality. I’ve watched VR short films and played around 30 VR games, all from the comfort of my own home. I’ve fought off space raiders, monsters, and VR-induced nausea. Let me tell you all about it.

Last Night's Record-Setting League Of Legends Match Lowered The Bar

In a Saturday night game that shattered the records for “creep score” recorded in a pro match, Echo Fox and Dignitas played an exciting, sloppy, and quintessentially North American League of Legends match that demonstrated why the region is consistently entertaining and consistently disrespected. Neither team was…

New Rules for Pro StarCraft Drive Legendary Player Off Team Liquid

Song “HerO” Hyeon Deok and Team Liquid announced today that HerO would no longer be a part of the Liquid organization after almost five years together. Since late 2011, HerO was one of the most prominent members of a team that has been at the heart of StarCraft in the English-speaking world. What’s important about…

Rick Fox's Terrible League of Legends Team Has Five Weeks To Save Its Season

The visa problems that cropped-up in Riot’s League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) derailed a lot of teams’ best-laid plans, but no team suffered more damage than North America’s Echo Fox. They got a lot of attention when they were formed due to the glamor attached to their owner, former NBA star Rick Fox, and…