Pearl Jam's Mike McCready Shreds National Anthem At Sounders Match

We've mentioned this before, but instrumental national anthems are better than vocal performances nine times out of ten. Another example: Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready playing "The Star-Spangled Banner" before last night's MLS Cup playoff match between FC Dallas and Seattle Sounders FC. » 11/11/14 5:55pm 11/11/14 5:55pm

Matt Flynn Had A Hell Of A Time At Last Night's Pearl Jam Concert

Packers backup quarterback Matt Flynn—along with linemen Josh Sitton and T.J. Lang—went to Pearl Jam's show in Milwaukee Monday night. Reader Collin was also there, and did confirm that Flynn was enjoying himself. » 10/21/14 10:50am 10/21/14 10:50am

Here Is a YouTube Compilation of Eddie Vedder Falling Down on Stage

This video compilation of Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder falling down while performing on stage, repeatedly, was posted by user XwaspenterprisesX in December 2011. Thanks to commenter Mark Edwards for bringing it to our attention. Enjoy. » 10/28/13 4:29pm 10/28/13 4:29pm

Here's a GIF of Eddie Vedder Falling Down, Over and Over Again

Eddie Vedder, the lead singer of a garbage band called Pearl Jam, fell down on Tuesday night while performing in a garbage city called Philadelphia, on the band's 23rd anniversary of making garbage music. He's OK. [Via @chunklet] » 10/25/13 11:14am 10/25/13 11:14am

Jason Grilli Onstage With Pearl Jam: "Next Year, It's Our Fuckin' Year"

Pearl Jam played in Pittsburgh Friday night and since Pirates closer Jason Grilli's entrance song is "Whipping," he joined the band onstage to fire up the crowd. » 10/12/13 2:03pm 10/12/13 2:03pm

Ernie Banks Joined Pearl Jam On Stage At Wrigley

Pearl Jam played a rain-delayed show at Wrigley Field Friday night and before Eddie Vedder began singing the Cubs tribute song "All The Way," he introduced Ernie Banks, to the delight of the Chicago crowd. » 7/21/13 12:00pm 7/21/13 12:00pm

Pearl Jam Fan Notes: Joe Buck Talks About The Night Eddie Vedder Made…

My homework assignment from my good friends at Deadspin was to write about my interaction with Pearl Jam and in particular Eddie Vedder in honor of their 20th Anniversary. The difficulty in this assignment is writing it without coming off like a name-dropping ass. Well for those of you who don't like me—enjoy, and for… » 9/22/11 3:45pm 9/22/11 3:45pm

Pearl Jam Fan Notes: The Perks Of Bartending Near Wrigley When Eddie…

Here's another batch of PJ fan notes submitted by readers. If you have more, please send them our way. Ed's storytelling on the rooftop at Murphy's, a possible urban legend, and a memorable autograph snub. » 9/22/11 3:30pm 9/22/11 3:30pm

Pearl Jam Fan Notes: Eddie Vedder And His Suitcase Full Of Wine Stroll…

Here's the first batch of PJ fan notes submitted by readers. If you have more, please send them our way. In this batch you'll find Ed on a Tennessee runway, Ed making an anniversary special, and Ed landing on someone's head. » 9/22/11 1:45pm 9/22/11 1:45pm

Your Pearl Jam Fan Notes Contest Assignment: One Ed Vedder, Captured.

Just as I suspected, there are dozens of lame white people with shitty musical tastes that read Deadspin. Take Erik, who submitted the Eddie Vedder autograph you see above with this accompanying story: » 9/21/11 7:45pm 9/21/11 7:45pm

I Bought My Ticket But The Game Was Gone: Pearl Jam And The…

If you were going to pick a day to be a fly on the wall, you could do a lot worse than Oct. 8, 1990, in the dank downtown Seattle basement-cum-rehearsal space where Eddie Vedder, having arrived on a plane from California that morning, sang with Pearl Jam for the first time. » 9/21/11 5:47pm 9/21/11 5:47pm

The Enduring Myth Of Mookie Blaylock And Pearl Jam

Vacuous, unchecked rock lore holds that Pearl Jam—before they settled on the sploogiest name in pop music history—were first called Mookie Blaylock. Grunge's stadium heroes would have been named after a very good, but never great, NBA point guard, if only Blaylock hadn't taken notice and forced a name change. » 9/20/11 11:15am 9/20/11 11:15am

Deadspin Music Week 2011: The PJ20 Edition

Fine. I admit, this is selfish. No one else on the staff was ever as excited about the prospect of a Music Week featuring Pearl Jam as the unifying theme, even though this band's sports-music connection is more obvious than most. They'll deal. » 9/19/11 12:30pm 9/19/11 12:30pm

Guess Which City Is Having A Pearl Jam Bobblehead Night?

The Seattle Mariners are hosting the Rays on Friday evening, and because they already had a bobblehead night for Felix Hernandez, they have no choice but to start honoring local grunge rockers. Friday night is Mike McCready night at Safeco Field, which also happens to overlap with a benefit night for the Crohn's &… » 6/02/11 2:00pm 6/02/11 2:00pm

World Series, Game Two: Can't Find A Better Yankee?

Pearl Jam is spending this week in residence at the Spectrum and conveniently offering "ring girl" updates for grungy Phillies fans who temporarily chose rock over baseball. Sell outs. » 10/29/09 6:30pm 10/29/09 6:30pm

Peter Gammons Regrets Not Sticking Up For Roberts

SI writer Jeff Pearlman criticized ESPN's Peter Gammons for the way he handled the Alex Rodriguez interview, accusing the venerable baseball writer of "softball questions and limited inquisitiveness." » 2/10/09 12:15pm 2/10/09 12:15pm