Nantz: Pebble Beach Is The World's Best Golf Course, So You Should Respect Bill Belichick For Playing It

Pebble Beach Golf Links (among the other courses associated with the Pebble Beach Pro-Am) is one of the most desired courses on Earth for hackers to play. Today's CBS broadcast of the event regularly referred to it as "The World's Best Golf Course." Yet for some competitors in the Pro-Am, CBS golf commentator Jim… »2/11/12 6:25pm2/11/12 6:25pm

Bill Murray Is Wearing A Ghillie Suit And Punting Footballs At The Pebble Beach Pro-Am

I'd urge anyone watching this to try not to make sense of it. Bill Murray (paired with D.A. Points) is competing today at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am in a ghillie suit, what appear to be gardening gloves, and at one point he punted a football into the crowd. It's all so ludicrously surreal you may wish to tune in the… »2/11/12 1:34pm2/11/12 1:34pm