People Were Angry About ESPN's Bilingual Interviews Of Cuban Players

It's growing increasingly predictable that whenever the Spanish language appears on ESPN, angry responses are sure to come from viewers. That happened again tonight, when Pedro Gomez conducted bilingual interviews with Aroldis Chapman and Yoenis Céspedes and the Worldwide Leader received this kind of feedback: »7/15/13 9:30pm7/15/13 9:30pm


ESPN's Pedro Gomez Drives America's Young Female Population to Lesbianism

I was going to do something about the Phillies here but since Sussman will be live-blogging it tonight and it's come to my attention that there are many, many, many Deadspin readers who despise the abundance of Philadelphia coverage that's invaded this site since my unwelcome takeover, I chose this photo instead. It's… »10/09/08 6:15pm10/09/08 6:15pm