Pee Wee Herman Spent Some Time With Tony Romo Today At Cowboys Camp

Per the Dallas Morning News, "Pee-Wee Herman was at Cowboys' practice Thursday night in a gray suit with a red bowtie. He took some time to pose for a photo with Jerry Jones and his sons, Stephen and Jerry Jr. No word on if coach Jason Garrett will hang it up at Valley Ranch as another motivational photo." Ba-dum-bum. » 8/05/11 12:30am 8/05/11 12:30am

This Evening: A Team So Funny, We Forgot To Laugh

Your p.m. roundup for Aug. 2, the day we tricked you into thinking it was our birthday again. Photo via Slashfilm. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors. » 8/02/11 5:59pm 8/02/11 5:59pm

Big Yankees Fan, Manipulating His Inner Pee Wee Herman, Makes New Video

Michael LaPayower wins Chevy Fan of the Year (for August)! Michael LaPayower wins Chevy Fan of Year (for August)! » 9/11/10 5:30pm 9/11/10 5:30pm