UAE Soccer Player May Be Punished For "Disrespectful"-But-Also-Awesome Backheel Penalty Kick

On Sunday, Theyab Awana, a 21-year-old winger with the United Arab Emirates national team, scored on a penalty kick in a friendly against Lebanon. Only he did it off of a 180 and using his heel. UAE was up 5-2 at the time, and they ultimately won 7-2, so the stakes weren't very high for either team. Does this make… »7/19/11 11:15am7/19/11 11:15am

This Was A Terrible Penalty Kick Until It Was A Goal

A match between Termeno and Dro, two clubs in Italy's lower division, went to penalty kicks earlier in the week. A Termeno player's attempt hit the crossbar, and as the Dro keeper sprinted towards his teammates in celebration, the ball came down with enough backspin to carry it into the net. Termeno will advance to… »6/09/11 10:40am6/09/11 10:40am