Here's The Best Goal From The KHL All-Star Game, Which Had A Final Score Of 18-11

The KHL All-Star Game was more notable for the NHLers playing—Ilya Kovalchuk and Pavel Datsyuk took part after getting permission from their American teams, even after Kovalchuk made comments casting doubt on his intentions to return to the Devils this year. (Lubomir Visnovky wasn't an all-star, but he's still not… »1/14/13 5:05pm1/14/13 5:05pm


Devin Setoguchi Falls On His Ass In Season's Worst Shootout Attempt

The Wild, down three with four minutes remaining in regulation, miraculously sent the game to overtime on Devin Setoguchi's goal with ten seconds left. It's hero and goat for Setoguchi, who wiped out on Minnesota's last shootout attempt. Since forward progress was stopped, Carey Price didn't need to make a stick… »3/02/12 9:40am3/02/12 9:40am