We're One Step Closer To A Concussion Brain Damage Blood Test

A group of researchers at Penn has evidence that a protein found in the blood, calpain-cleaved αII-spectrin N-terminal fragment (SNTF), can predict if a person who's suffered a potential traumatic brain injury will suffer concussion symptoms. Which is to say, this could be useful for athletes who would like to know if… » 12/01/14 12:03pm 12/01/14 12:03pm

Penn Women's Lacrosse Players Accused Of Damaging Bar, Exposing Genitals

The University of Pennsylvania's women's lacrosse team is accused of causing significant damage, stealing booze, and more while partying at a Philadelphia pub Saturday night. » 4/01/14 8:22pm 4/01/14 8:22pm

Pearl-Clutching Alert: Ambitious College Sluts Taking Over Campuses

Can you imagine ever reading a story about how guys have it so good while they are young men, only to discover too late the price they'll likely pay for fucking around in college and holding off on relationships until they have had some experiences? No? Me either. So why do we keep seeing this story about women?… » 7/15/13 5:31pm 7/15/13 5:31pm

Jerry Sandusky Arrives At Prison

He will not have a cellmate and will be subject to heightened supervision and an escort when not in his cell. He will get an hour of individual exercise five days a week and three showers a week.

He will eat meals in his cell. Prison services such as counseling, religion, medications and treatment programming also…

» 10/31/12 6:17pm 10/31/12 6:17pm

Happy Valley Happy, NU Grads Less So, As Matt McGloin And The Nittany…

Penn State's football program may be on its way to the cathartic comeback predicted here and there at the beginning of the season. After starting the year with consecutive losses to a very good Ohio University team and a pretty bad UVA team, Bill O'Brien's squad has won four straight, including its two games against… » 10/06/12 6:25pm 10/06/12 6:25pm

Georges St. Pierre's Big Win Brought To You By Vaseline?

Georges St. Pierre crushed B.J. Penn to become the best pound-for-pound fighter in mixed martial arts—even though a couple of those pounds might have been grease. » 2/01/09 2:00pm 2/01/09 2:00pm

Hugh Johnson Feels Right At Home In Beaver Stadium

Penn State needs to secure a home win this afternoon against Michigan State, and through one and a half quarters things couldn't be going much better. The Nittany Lions have built up a 14-0 lead over the Spartan. Penn State is getting great performances out of quarterback Daryll Clark,who has thrown for an efficient… » 11/22/08 4:45pm 11/22/08 4:45pm