Bill O'Brien Is Staying Put At Penn State: "I'm Not A One-And-Done Guy"

Looks like Bill O'Brien isn't going anywhere after all. Mere minutes after Sports Illustrated's Pete Thamel dropped a nice little scoop that school officials would be putting forth an extra push to keep O'Brien at the school (and that he was strongly considering doing so), CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora (who kind of … »1/03/13 9:55pm1/03/13 9:55pm


"Touching Me, Touching You": You Won't Hear Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" At Penn State Football Games Anymore

Somehow, "Sweet Caroline" has become a staple of stadium soundtracks nationwide. The song has been played in the middle of the eighth inning at every Red Sox home game since 2002. It's also been featured at Pitt football games—enough for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette to run a 1,000-word feature about it. The song was… »8/27/12 4:10pm8/27/12 4:10pm

Joe Paterno's Son Will Not Coach At Penn State Next Year

After 17 years spent working under his father, Joe, Jay Paterno confirmed today that he will not be a part of Bill O'Brien's coaching staff in Happy Valley next season. The younger Paterno said he and O'Brien spoke together and "reached the conclusion" that Jay would move on. Sounds peaceful! [AP, Jay Paterno's Blog] »1/10/12 5:55pm1/10/12 5:55pm

For Some Strange Reason, Penn State Is Now Worried About Fundraising

December is the month for giving, and Penn State officials are humping the phones trying to persuade donors to keep the cheese flowing in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal. Doesn't look good so far: "[M]ore than a dozen people who had planned to leave an inheritance to the school have changed their wills to… »12/02/11 12:15pm12/02/11 12:15pm

Penn State Recently Bought Four .XXX Domain Names, Should Have Bought More

Visionaries at Penn State snatched up four .xxx domain names for the school this September, according to The Daily Collegian. New .xxx URLs go on sale to the public next week, but trademark owners like PSU got a chance to lock down their porn names early so as to prevent any scuzzing up of their brands. Wouldn't want… »12/01/11 12:20pm12/01/11 12:20pm

10 Things That Are Still Happy About Happy Valley

After a week's worth of almost universally terrible news from State College, it can start to feel as if there's nothing good to be found in the land known as Happy Valley. And we've heard from readers who feel that the coverage is too focused on the negative. Here's a brief and non-comprehensive list (since I've never… »11/11/11 4:05pm11/11/11 4:05pm

Former Penn State Coach Who Titled His Autobiography "Touched" Stands Accused Of Improperly Doing So

A grand jury is investigating allegations that "Penn State football legend" Jerry Sandusky indecently assaulted a 15-year-old boy over the course of a four-year period. Both Joe Paterno and Penn State Athletic Director Tim Curley were called to appear, according to the Patriot-News newspaper in central Pennsylvania. »3/31/11 9:15pm3/31/11 9:15pm