Minor League Team Hands Out LeBron Championship Rings, And Yes, They're…

You know you done goofed when they're making fun of you in Peoria. The Cubs single-A affiliate was planning on honoring the 1990s Chicago Bulls teams on Thursday night, but they decided on an additional giveaway. » 6/14/11 3:40pm 6/14/11 3:40pm

Minor Leaguer Convicted Of Assault After Basebrawl Gone Wrong

Remember that vicious minor league brawl that took an ugly turn when pitcher Julio Castillo chucked a 90-m.p.h. fastball at an innocent fan? It appears that people were not happy about that! And by people I mean judges and prosecutors. » 8/04/09 6:00pm 8/04/09 6:00pm

You Could Be A Heartless Corporate Giant For One Day

The Peoria Chiefs want to sell naming rights for their stadium, but there are no companies left in America with the financial security to finance such a project. So do you have $6,000? » 5/05/09 3:45pm 5/05/09 3:45pm

Mayhem In The Midwest League

As you probably saw in our morning wakeup video whachamahoozit, the Peoria Chiefs and Dayton Dragons engaged in a pretty nasty brawl at Dayton's Fifth Third Park on Thursday, which even included a civilian casualty. Peoria pitcher Julio Castillo threw a ball at a Dayton player in the dugout, but missed and instead hit… » 7/25/08 9:15am 7/25/08 9:15am

Cubs Preparing For When Ryne Sandberg Becomes Their Manager

When the day finally comes that Lou Piniella explodes like Port Chicago — oh, and he will — who will step in for the Cubs? How about Ryne Sandberg? The Hall of Famer, now manager of the Class A Peoria Chiefs, will try out the manager's chair when he returns to Wrigley Field on July 29; his team taking on the Kane… » 5/02/08 4:15pm 5/02/08 4:15pm