Neymar, Brazil's Soccer Messiah, Is Somehow Surpassing His Own Hype

A fundamental part of the marvel that is LeBron James is the sheer madness of his journey. Here is a man who was on the cover of national magazines and playing in front of millions on cable TV as a high schooler, who by the time he was eligible to vote was already being hailed as the successor to quite possibly the… »6/15/15 3:53pm6/15/15 3:53pm

Soccer Player Struck By Lightning, Thought Dead, Says He Survived

Joao Contreras Fuentes is either one lucky son of a bitch or tops on God's shit list, take your pick. He was playing soccer for the club Sport Aguila in the Copa Peru when a bolt of lighting leaped from Zeus' fingertip and basically erased Fuentes in the fashion of blowing out a candle. The bolt ignited and vanished… »12/11/14 10:25pm12/11/14 10:25pm

Goalkeeper Collapses On Pitch From Heat Exhaustion, Terrible Human Being Scores On Him

This took place on Sunday, during a match in Peru’s top level. Club Union Comercio was down a goal with 20 minutes remaining when goalie Juan Flores corralled a ball before collapsing to the grass. It was heat exhaustion and Flores was fine, but we’ve seen far too many players go down like that with heart problems.… »2/19/13 2:30pm2/19/13 2:30pm

Your Early Leader For Hustle Play Of 2013 Is This Peruvian Goalkeeper's Two Miracle Saves

Peru's football fortunes have rarely mirrored those of South American counterpart countries. They haven't qualified for the World Cup since 1982, and their U-20 youth squad has never gotten the nod for inclusion in that division's world championship. That could change with a strong performance in the CONMEBOL Youth… »1/11/13 10:06am1/11/13 10:06am

The Peruvian Lady Soccer Fans Are At It Again, And What They're Doing Is Assuredly NSFW

"This is the voluptuous dancer Irina Grandez, who for love of the southern lands Blanquirroja arrived to put all the 'chest' by Peru, which now goes to 'kill' to Chile." [Translated from Gran refuerzo: Irina Grandez llegó a Chile para poner el pecho por Perú">] (H/T Sportsfeeder1) »10/12/11 11:00pm10/12/11 11:00pm