PETA Protests The Michael Vick Madden Cover That Doesn't Exist Yet

When ESPN and EA Sports announced that they would team up to let fans select the Madden 2012 cover boy, we predicted that the angry loud people would quickly sound off about the selections. The pool is now down to 16 selections, and the shit-stirring has begun: in a totally unoriginal outcome, the loud angry people… » 3/31/11 1:55pm 3/31/11 1:55pm

Beef Queen Vs. Lettuce Lady: The Final Conflict

Showing an uncharacteristic sense of humor about itself, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has thrown down the leafy, fibrous gauntlet, challenging the newly-crowned Missouri Beef Council's Beef Queen, Meagan Webb, to fight their own Lettuce Lady in a tofu wrestling match. But we would advise caution:… » 8/07/08 4:00pm 8/07/08 4:00pm