The Birdman Is Sticking Up For Animals Because No One Else Will

If this is your thing, Chris "Birdman" Andersen has loaned his defiled corpus to PETA for their "Ink Not Mink" anti-fur campaign. Today, per the Denver Post, he'll be handing out donated fur coats to the homeless for winter. Something tells me J.R. Smith wants one. » 11/30/11 12:30pm 11/30/11 12:30pm

PETA Protests The Michael Vick Madden Cover That Doesn't Exist Yet

When ESPN and EA Sports announced that they would team up to let fans select the Madden 2012 cover boy, we predicted that the angry loud people would quickly sound off about the selections. The pool is now down to 16 selections, and the shit-stirring has begun: in a totally unoriginal outcome, the loud angry people… » 3/31/11 1:55pm 3/31/11 1:55pm

PETA Capitalizes On Clemens's Failure To Launch

PETA suggests that Roger Clemens's rumored performance issues are due to his carnivorous diet. Wonder if the grand jury will buy that one. [PETA via copyranter] » 4/01/10 12:50pm 4/01/10 12:50pm

PETA And Skynet Team Up To Take On U Of Georgia

Because nothing even remotely animal-related can happen without PETA getting involved, the animal rights organization is recommending that the recently deceased Uga VII be replaced with an animatronic bulldog. And this is how the robot war begins... » 11/24/09 11:00pm 11/24/09 11:00pm

Best Running Back On The Planet Shows Off Quzzical Dead Duck Face

Adrian Peterson pops up in a photo gallery on Gobbler Country and shows the world that he can also be cruel to animals. Beware the crazed duck lovers converging upon Minnesota to display their outrage. [GC via SB] » 8/24/09 12:24pm 8/24/09 12:24pm

Where Does PETA Get Off Humiliating Michael Vick?

DeAngelo Hall on Vick: "I mean, he's definitely been humiliated. I think he should have [gotten] suspended, then he should have had to pay a big fine. That's what PETA wants anyway, is money, so he should have had to pay them money." [D.C. Sports Bog] » 5/23/09 11:30am 5/23/09 11:30am

Michael Vick Has Always Enjoyed Pitas ... Er, PETA

Michael Vick is ready to fulfill his community service requirementshis dream of defending animal rights in a PETA ad. The guy just really cares about this issue for some sudden unexplained reason! » 5/01/09 5:05pm 5/01/09 5:05pm

Curse Of The Colonel Update: Now PETA's Involved

Of course they are. The animal rights organization has sent an impassioned letter to the Chicago Cubs, advising them not to accept a Japanese baseball team's offer of a curse-breaking Kentucky Fried Chicken statue. » 3/13/09 3:45pm 3/13/09 3:45pm

PETA Vs. Canada ... You Knew It Had To End This Way

See, this is where PETA miscalculated rather badly; I would have no problem clubbing a guy in a baby seal costume. In fact, I'd walk several blocks out of my way to do it. » 2/26/09 3:15pm 2/26/09 3:15pm

Once Again, Ron Artest Is The Voice Of Reason

When your organization needs a well-known and well-respected community member to speak up on behalf of your cause, you definitely want to go with the guy who is famous for his dangerous instability. » 2/19/09 12:45pm 2/19/09 12:45pm

PETA: Dog Master Race To Rise Up, Annex The Sudetenland

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show got underway on Monday, and of course PETA was there to add an air of dignity and understatement to the proceedings, as the photo indicates. » 2/10/09 11:30am 2/10/09 11:30am

The Super Bowl Does Not Want Your Erotic Fruits And Veggies

Our story so far: PETA produced a Super Bowl ad that featured scantily-clad women doing naughty things with vegetables. Somehow, Sean Salisbury and Whoopi Goldberg got involved. Then things got weird ... » 1/28/09 2:30pm 1/28/09 2:30pm

Michael Vick Has Nothing But Respect for Chickens

When Michael Vick plead guilty to dogfighting charges back in 2007, he also agreed to enroll in PETA's version of sensitivity training. His test results from that training are in, and they may surprise and/or amuse you. » 1/24/09 6:00pm 1/24/09 6:00pm

Cowboys Cheerleader Vs. Titans Cheerleader: It Is So On

Nothing perks up our Friday like a good cheerleader catfight. Today, it's former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader/PETA supporter Bonnie Jill Laflin vs. Tennessee Titans cheerleader/rodent decapitator Melissa Hodges. » 1/16/09 3:00pm 1/16/09 3:00pm

Beef Queen Vs. Lettuce Lady: The Final Conflict

Showing an uncharacteristic sense of humor about itself, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has thrown down the leafy, fibrous gauntlet, challenging the newly-crowned Missouri Beef Council's Beef Queen, Meagan Webb, to fight their own Lettuce Lady in a tofu wrestling match. But we would advise caution:… » 8/07/08 4:00pm 8/07/08 4:00pm

It's PETA's World, We Just Live In It

When future generations study the first decade of the 21st Century, the debate of course will turn to the Great Racehorse Protests of 2008. In the wake of the Eight Belles tragedy at the Kentucky Derby, PETA is bringing all guns to bear on the remaining Triple Crown events; planning protests at the Preakness Stakes in… » 5/07/08 1:35pm 5/07/08 1:35pm

PETA Is Worried About Shaq's Hands

A few people out there have wondered if the entirely reasonable and in no way dramatically and insanely overstepping in the name of a somewhat noble (occasionally) cause folks at PETA have an opinion on David Stern's decision to be with leather again. Well, they do. » 12/13/06 11:45am 12/13/06 11:45am

David Stern Has A Thing For Cows

I missed it in Marc Stein's Friday blog update, but Stein mentioned that part of the reason that the NBA changed the basketball they use might be complaints from PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. PETA is claiming responsibility, anyway. From their official website: » 10/08/06 4:16pm 10/08/06 4:16pm