Arizona's Puss-Devil Bologna Man

Football season is upon us, which means that thousands of angry, horny, feisty pretend fans will converge upon this great nation's red cup-littered parking lots to participate in traditional tailgating revelry. These are not those stories » 10/05/09 4:00pm 10/05/09 4:00pm

The Chicago Sun-Times Won't Even Attempt To Contain Its Excitement

Yesterday, as the whole Jay Mariotti saga unfurled, longtime commenter Pete "Jayhawk" Gaines (and current combudsman at vroom-vroom central, Jalopnik » 8/28/08 12:00pm 8/28/08 12:00pm) amusingly passed along an email exchange he'd had with Sun-Times EIC Michael Cooke: Cooke's response?: The result? As seen above, a front page banner of a beaming…