How Jack Ryan Kept Tom Clancy From Buying The Minnesota Vikings

Tom Clancy died last night at the age of 66, after a long and prolific career as one of the country's most popular military and espionage writers. But during a whirlwind few months in 1998, Clancy nearly joined the ranks of that most American club: dilettante NFL owners. » 10/02/13 4:36pm 10/02/13 4:36pm

MLB, Having Given The Orioles' Owner Control Over Nats TV, Begs Fox To…

Tucked away in this Sports Business Daily article about Fox's ongoing quest to amass an empire of regional sports networks is this nugget, concerning Fox's attempts to buy MASN, the network that broadcasts Orioles and Nationals games, from Orioles owner Peter Angelos: » 12/03/12 6:20pm 12/03/12 6:20pm

The Baltimore Orioles' Depressing GM Search, And Their Even More…

Jonathan Bernhardt has a post up about Dan Duquette and the Orioles' new union, and all the attendant doom. A snippet: "Dan Duquette has walked into the worst job in baseball with a smile. And why not? He literally has nowhere better to be." Now get to reading the whole thing.
[Et tu, Mr. Destructo?] » 11/14/11 4:05pm 11/14/11 4:05pm

Orioles Combat Flagging Interest By...Turning Down Cal Ripken For A Job?

Your team's terrible. Your attendance is worse. What better way to add a little excitement than bringing your franchise's most beloved figure back under the O's umbrella? That's a rhetorical question, unless you're Peter Angelos. » 4/17/10 3:40pm 4/17/10 3:40pm

Brady Anderson Defends Angelos From Cruelties Of SI Article

"Meddling" Orioles owner Peter Angelos was named "The Worst Owner In Baseball" by SI. This has chafed former 50-home run fluke Brady Anderson, who penned a column for the Baltimore Sun to defend him. Some reasons why Angelos is great: he's compassionate, caring, a son of Greek immigrants. [Steady Burn] » 6/02/09 4:45pm 6/02/09 4:45pm

Peter Angelos Hates The Homeless

Our old pal Dave Zirin, who's over at now, has been keeping an eye on some of Orioles owner Peter Angelos' labor practices over there in Ballmer. And whatever your politics are, it's pretty difficult not to be disgusted. » 9/05/07 4:30pm 9/05/07 4:30pm