Petey P. Cup Has A New Sidekick! (Yikes)

I imagine that in Barry Bonds' fevered dreams — when he sleeps at all — this is pretty much all he sees. We've told you about Petey P. Cup, the urine sample mascot for But now meet his new sidekick, Pokey Syringe. Together they fight crime crusade for gay rights terrorize prostitutes dance on… » 6/16/08 6:00pm 6/16/08 6:00pm

There's No Reason That Random Urinalysis Can't Be Fun

Barry Bonds may be gone, but as penance for profiting over his steroid-soaked home run record chase, I think the Giants should have to dump Lou Seal and adopt a new mascot. Meet Petey P. Cup, who not only charms young and old with his playful urine-related antics, but serves as a sober reminder of baseball's… » 5/22/08 12:50pm 5/22/08 12:50pm