Report: Teams Are Already Lining Up To Bring Peyton Manning Into The Front Office

Peyton Manning has such a comical litany of injuries that it’s amazing he was playing NFL football into 2015. He has a surgically taped-up neck, a problem with his throwing shoulder, maybe-maybe-not broken ribs, a partially torn plantar fascia (apparently, this is worse than a full tear), not to mention the torn… »Sunday 11:14am11/22/15 11:14am

The Broncos Defense Is So Good, Even Zombie Peyton Manning Can Win With It

It took the Denver Broncos offense 27 consecutive drives to score a touchdown. That’s the longest streak in the NFL this season, a record far more suited to the diarrheal Detroit Lions or an offensively inept team like the Texans. Certainly not a 6-0 team with the NFL’s all-time leading touchdown passer and an all-pro… »10/18/15 5:40pm10/18/15 5:40pm

Can The Broncos Figure Out How To Use Peyton Manning?

No battle plan survives contact with the enemy. On paper, it made all the sense in the world for Gary Kubiak to reimagine the Broncos offense, emphasizing the run more, and lining up his quarterback in different positions to keep opponents off-balance. In practice, Peyton Manning doesn’t like taking snaps from under… »9/28/15 3:23pm9/28/15 3:23pm

What's Going On With The Broncos And Peyton Manning?

So Peyton Manning has dropped off a bit, and at age 39 probably isn’t going to turn that around. But he’s still Peyton Manning, who singlehandedly makes the Broncos a playoff contender and who tons of crappy teams would love to have. Denver may or may not have made an attempt to move him this offseason, but they… »6/24/15 3:50pm6/24/15 3:50pm

Letterman Guests: "Top Ten Things I've Always Wanted To Say To Dave"

David Letterman’s final Top Ten list featured some of the late night host’s most legendary guests each announcing “something they’ve always wanted to say to Dave.” Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin, Barbara Walters, Jerry Seinfeld, Jim Carrey, Chris Rock, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Peyton Manning, Tina Fey, and Bill Murray all… »5/21/15 12:16am5/21/15 12:16am

Steve Young Compares Peyton Manning To Obama, Or Something

I think Steve Young is trying to say that for Denver to beat Cincinnati tonight Peyton Manning needs to play well—which, duh—but did he need to use some garbled metaphor about Manning, Obama, and dictatorship to do it? Or is he trying to sneak some political commentary about Obama—go search Twitter for "Obama" and… »12/22/14 8:41pm12/22/14 8:41pm