The Seattle Seahawks Burn The Broncos' Touchdown Factory To The Ground

The best offense-best defense matchup should have been a grinding, tough, watchable-for-all-60-minutes game with a million lead changes, or so that's what we envisioned. Instead, the Seahawks devoured everything in front of them. Seattle embarrassed Denver's NFL-best offense, 43-8. It wasn't even close. » 2/02/14 10:50pm 2/02/14 10:50pm

Budweiser Sends Really Dumb Tweet In Branding Exercise Gone Wrong

Budweiser, looking to capitalize on the invaluable #branding opportunity presented to them yesterday by Peyton Manning, sent out the brain dead tweet above earlier this morning. It's been deleted, but we want it to live forever via this screen shot. This is why we need to kill all of the brands. » 1/13/14 3:43pm 1/13/14 3:43pm