Rory McIlroy Wins PGA Championship In Dramatic Finish At Dusk

McIlroy birdied the 17th hole to take a two-stroke lead heading into the 18th and David Feherty called him a baby-faced killer. Par would do the job on 18, and McIlroy two-putted his way to his fourth career major, his second consecutive major win of the year, and his second career PGA Championship. » 8/10/14 9:06pm 8/10/14 9:06pm

PGA Championship Delayed Because Course Was Under Water

Heavy rains at Valhalla put a hold on the final round of the PGA Championship today. Play was suspended at 12:53 p.m. and what officials initially thought would be a quick delay soon ran longer as the rain worsened. It got so bad that many areas of the course, including greens were completely under water. » 8/10/14 2:45pm 8/10/14 2:45pm

The Adventures Of Jason Day And His Missing Golf Ball

Jason Day hit an errant drive on the second hole today at the PGA Championship and found himself barefoot, traversing a stream and marshlands in rolled-up pants in an effort to track it down. The ball was lost, then found, then lost again, before Day finally got to hit out of the mess and save par. » 8/09/14 4:33pm 8/09/14 4:33pm

Jason Dufner Sleeps With The Wanamaker Trophy

Winning a major is a big deal. Winning that first major at age 36, when it may have seemed like it was never going to happen? That's the kind of thing that makes you never want to let go of the trophy. » 8/13/13 11:27am 8/13/13 11:27am

Jason Dufner Grabs First Major, Pats Wife's Butt

Auburn grad and good ole boy Jason Dufner celebrated his PGA Championship win with a hug and a derrière dap for his wife, Amanda on national TV. » 8/11/13 7:10pm 8/11/13 7:10pm

Ian Poulter Currently "Winding People Up," Trolling Howard Stern

Ian Poulter had a rough go of it at the PGA Championship—not as rough as Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson did, but bad enough that he was well out of contention on Sunday. This has allowed him ample time to air out fans who yell things at golf tournaments, and get a response from Howard Stern. » 8/11/13 5:20pm 8/11/13 5:20pm

Who Had The Worse Shitty Week: Tiger Or Phil?

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson each had awful weeks at the PGA Championship. But we have an important question that needs answering: ¿Quien fue más malo? » 8/11/13 4:15pm 8/11/13 4:15pm

Rory McIlroy Wins PGA Championship

It kind of got forgotten among the Olympic hullabaloo, but the PGA Championship, golf's final major of the season, was this weekend, and Rory McIlroy is your winner. » 8/12/12 7:05pm 8/12/12 7:05pm

Here Is A Picture Of John Daly's Ass, For Prostate Cancer Awareness

The ass you see here belongs to golf's loveable rapscallion, John Daly. Daly, by the way, is currently tied for 16th at the PGA Championship with a +1 going into today's third round action. As you can see, Daly wore these pants yesterday. These pants are black with neon-colored hands with their index fingers pointing… » 8/11/12 1:15pm 8/11/12 1:15pm

The PGA Tour Reminds Us Yet Again That South Carolina Is A Deathswamp

This video, of a big-ass alligator eating a big-ass snake, comes from yesterday's round one action in the PGA Championship, at Kiawah Island. NBD. Happens all the time. Back in April at the Heritage Classic in Hilton Head, the gators were actually threatening the caddies. Gator Golf is not nearly as much fun as … » 8/10/12 1:05pm 8/10/12 1:05pm

In A Town Called East Hampton, A Man Called Mike Lupica Played A Game…

Because no one reads the newspaper, and SportsCenter's anchors are too perky for this early in the morning, Deadspin combs the best of the broadsheets and internets to bring you everything you need to know to start your day. » 8/16/10 9:45am 8/16/10 9:45am

Tiger Woods: Golf's Newest Choke Artist

Someone actually had the nerve to ask Tiger Woods—on Saturday—if he'd ever come close to choking in a major. 14 for 14 when leading the final round. So congratulations, anonymous jinxer. You won the weekend. » 8/17/09 10:00am 8/17/09 10:00am

Tiger Yang. Y.E. Woods. PGA Championship Open Thread

Tiger's on the verge of bed-shitting but there's still time for him to make adjustments and continue to humble and humiliate all comers. [PGA] (Photo: WUP) » 8/16/09 5:05pm 8/16/09 5:05pm

No Sense Waiting Til Tomorrow To Start Engraving The Wanamaker Trophy

Consider this your official PGA Championship open thread. Is it too early to declare this Tiger's two-day victory lap? After Federer's and Nadal's early exits yesterday, we need confirmation that gods still walk among us. [PGA] » 8/15/09 2:45pm 8/15/09 2:45pm

And Now A Musical Interlude From John Daly

The big guy dropped out of the PGA Championship after one round (citing a bad back) and then dropped this smash hit single (citing the chords from "Every Rose Has Its Thorn.") Spoiler!: It's about being sad. [Devil Ball Golf] » 8/14/09 2:45pm 8/14/09 2:45pm

Rich People Golf While You're At Work

The PGA Championship is under way. Follow along with the online leaderboard and it's almost like being outside! (Your cubicle has never felt so small and dark.) [] » 8/13/09 10:45am 8/13/09 10:45am

Oh, Sergio...

Padraig Harrington had just given Sergio Garcia the lead in the PGA Championship with just four holes to play when he bogeyed number 14 at Oakland Hills. It took exactly two holes for Garcia to return the favor in kind when he inexplicably went after the tightest pin on the golf course with his approach into 16. His… » 8/10/08 7:10pm 8/10/08 7:10pm

The PGA Championship Is Off and Running

The first players are finishing their rounds at Oakland Hills Country Club outside of Detroit. Somewhere on his island kingdom in Florida Tiger Woods is not even bothering to watch. Meanwhile golf fans who are stuck at their desks would do anything to be able to skip out of work and listen to the dulcet tones of… » 8/07/08 3:00pm 8/07/08 3:00pm

"How's Tiger Doing?"

It is not, inherently, in the sports fan's nature to root for the dominant favorite. We love underdogs, the scrappy upstart coming from nowhere and upsetting the proverbial applecart; it's our own sad, tiny way of imagining that, sometimes, sports can speak truth to power. » 8/13/07 10:00am 8/13/07 10:00am