Phil Fulmer Stepping Down From Tennessee At The End of the Season

In the immediate aftermath of Tennessee's 27-6 loss to South Carolina, for the first time all season Phil Fulmer didn't tell his team not to quit. He talked for only a few moments, barely above a whisper, and then led the team in prayer. We all dropped to one knee and took the hand of the men on both sides of us. In… » 11/03/08 12:45pm 11/03/08 12:45pm

He Wasn't A Paid Drug Dealer; He Was Just Volunteering

We like Florida head coach Urban Meyer for many reasons, not least of which is the fact that his first name describes a type of city. (We hope to someday name our child "Rural Juror Leitch.") But the reason we really love him is that EDSBS figures he believes if you kick a player off your team for selling crack cocaine » 6/29/07 12:25pm 6/29/07 12:25pm