How Phil Ivey Beat (Or Maybe Cheated) A Casino For Millions

Over the weekend, a story about Phil Ivey, the best poker player in the world, made its way around the Internet. He's being sued by the Borgata casino in federal court for cheating at a version of baccarat using a method known as "edge sorting." All told, Ivey took the casino for close to $10 million. Here's how he… » 4/14/14 12:36pm 4/14/14 12:36pm

What A Billion Poker Hands Can Tell Us About Luck

Remember the final table of the 2009 World Series of Poker's Main Event? Phil Ivey, the consensus best player in poker, put his tournament on the line with Ace-King. His opponent—Darvin Moon, the consensus best logger in the Western Maryland panhandle—held a dominated Ace-Queen. Ivey was the overwhelming favorite.… » 11/18/13 4:36pm 11/18/13 4:36pm

James Harrison's $800,000 Touchdown

Poker player Phil Ivey bet $800,000 on the Cardinals +3.5 for the first half of Super Bowl XLIII. I believe that is what's known as a "bad beat." [Phil Ivey Rules?] » 2/05/09 3:15pm 2/05/09 3:15pm