Phil Mushnick: Donald Sterling Was Lynched

Look, is there anything even worth saying about this? New York Post hack Phil Mushnick, as we've previously reminded you, is a race-baiting troll whose job is basically to come as close to just filing a column consisting of the word "moulignan" written out 800 times as he can without getting fired. Anyway, he's … » 5/02/14 5:42pm 5/02/14 5:42pm

Columnist Angry At The Imaginary Murders DeSean Jackson Has Witnessed

You thought Phil Mushnick couldn't get any more Mushnick on your ass than he already has? Ohhhh, people. Oh, how you underestimate that cagey old fucker. Because today, Mushnick hopped into the Andy Rooney machine and set it to Full Bushy Eyebrow. Join me as he carefully evaluates the plight of… » 3/31/14 2:31pm 3/31/14 2:31pm

Phil Mushnick Is Sick And Tired Of Brent Musburger's Hip Slang

It turns out that race-baiting troll Phil Mushnick is more than just a race-baiting troll. He's also someone who isn't afraid to call out those who plague sports media with their frivolous attempts to sound "cool" and "hip." Like 74-year-old ESPN play-by-play announcer Brent Musburger, for example. » 1/10/14 12:35pm 1/10/14 12:35pm

Where Does Phil Mushnick's Wordbarf Rank Among Awful Sports Columns?

Phil Mushnick's "Adrian Peterson is a thug and at fault for his son's death" column is bad. Really bad. But is it worse than the reigning champion of instantly appalling sports columns, Mark Whicker's "Here's what Jaycee Dugard missed in sports while she was imprisoned and raped in a backyard shed for 18 years" » 10/14/13 4:17pm 10/14/13 4:17pm