Phil Savage Finally Apologizes For His Impassioned Expletive in E-mail Freakout to Fan

Well. Who would've thought a story like this could get so much attention? And, hey — even »11/20/08 5:45pm11/20/08 5:45pm took off the web censors and let the AP's "as first reported by" into its online copy. I'm flattered that they acknowledge our uncanny ability to carefully sift through our inbox. And now, Phil Savage has…


Phil Savage Is Probably Sorry For "F%&# You" Email To Fan

Well, that didn't take long. Browns GM Phil Savage admitted he did in fact send a nasty email to a fan that was posted here last evening. According to the AP »11/20/08 12:30pm11/20/08 12:30pm, Browns Coach Romeo Crennel was the one who confirmed: So, ignore . And apologies to any Browns' interns who I may have implicated in the follow-up. But,…

Browns' GM Phil Savage Responds To Email Hecklers Swiftly, But Not Very Politely (UPDATE)

As a person who gets tons of nasty email, I know it's tough to always show restraint and resist the urge to stick up for yourself. This practice is frowned upon, and not healthy, because, well, those emails could potentially come back to bite you in the ass. Plus, as a "professional" you're supposed to take the high… »11/19/08 6:00pm11/19/08 6:00pm