If Hasheem Thabeet Sits Behind You In Coach, Don't Recline Your Seat…

Update, Aug. 29: Hasheem Thabeet's publicist has reached out to say that couldn't be Thabeet in the photos below, as he didn't fly to Philadelphia in the timeframe in question (and doesn't own Beats headphone). Sorry folks. But still: don't recline your seat if there's a really tall person behind you, even if they… » 8/27/14 10:46am 8/27/14 10:46am

76ers Ask NBA To Delay Anti-Tanking Measures Until They're Done Tanking

A couple weeks back, it was reported that the NBA was attempting to push through changes to its draft lottery system: a re-weighting of the odds that would discourage tanking. The Philadelphia 76ers would reportedly like the NBA to hold on a sec, because they're not finished being terrible. » 7/30/14 2:47pm 7/30/14 2:47pm

Ballin' Ben Franklin Probably Won't Be The 76ers' New Logo

Well this is a bummer. Images of a what was reported to be the Philadelphia 76ers' new alternate logo leaked out on Twitter last night, and everyone was very excited at the prospect of Ballin' Ben Franklin having a home on an NBA uniform. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Ballin' Ben Franklin is going to make it… » 6/24/14 9:09am 6/24/14 9:09am

This NESN Reporter Does Not Seem To Understand Irony

NESN reporter Ben Watanabe is very upset at the Philadelphia 76ers. If you were to read the first half of this, you might come away with the impression that Ben Watanabe is upset at the Sixers for being so tight-lipped with the media about Andrew Wiggins's recent pre-draft workouts. But that's not really why Watanabe… » 6/18/14 6:06pm 6/18/14 6:06pm

Michael Carter-Williams Travels, Remembers He's On The 76ers

The 76ers were down two possessions with 16 seconds left against the Bulls. Barring a huge screwup, Philadelphia wasn't pulling out the win. Regardless, Michael Carter-Williams still tried to score quickly, until he was called for traveling. After the turnover, his body language said fuck everything. » 3/19/14 10:26pm 3/19/14 10:26pm

Allen Iverson Thanks Michael Jordan, His Mom And...Stephen A. Smith?

The first person Allen Iverson thanked in his jersey-retirement speech was Michael Jordan. "Yes, I was one of those kids that wanted to be like Mike," he said. Iverson proceeded to thank friends, family and former teammates, each name greeted by applause from the crowd. And then he thanked Stephen A. Smith and Howard… » 3/01/14 10:57pm 3/01/14 10:57pm

Clippers Throttling 76ers; Here's An Example Of Their Brutal Nature

It's halftime at Staples Center, where the Clippers are having their way with the 76ers 69-30. It could be worse; they were up 52-15 early in the second quarter. The L.A. weapon of destruction has been, as always, the lob—though a completely inept Philadelphia squad has been a willing participant in their own demise. » 2/09/14 10:44pm 2/09/14 10:44pm

Steve Nash, At 40 Years Old, Can Still Shake You Out Of Your Shoes

Steve Nash turned 40 last night and had a pretty solid game for the Lakers in a 112-98 win over the 76ers. He had 19 points, five assists and four rebounds. Most importantly, he let (25-year-old) Evan Turner shift his focus to offense when he caught him leaning on this behind-the-back cut to the basket. » 2/08/14 1:43pm 2/08/14 1:43pm