Report: Former Phillies GM Ruben Amaro To Be Red Sox First-Base Coach

We have ourselves a reverse Jim Tomsula situation: man leaves prominent position for a job he’s wildly overqualified for. Ruben Amaro was the Phillies GM up until last month, when the team declined to renew his contract. Now, according to a report from ESPN, Amaro will be taking over a position as the Red Sox’s first… »10/25/15 12:24pm10/25/15 12:24pm


Nationals Cannot Stop Beating Selves, Allow Inside-The-Park Grand Slam

The Nationals really have no one to blame but themselves for probably losing their way out of a chance at the playoffs, and this play from tonight’s game against the 57-96 Phillies is a great example. Here’s Aaron Altherr driving home all three baserunners and himself thanks to a misplayed ball by Michael Taylor. It’s… »9/25/15 8:20pm9/25/15 8:20pm

The Phillies have effectively fired Ruben Amaro Jr. as GM after seven seasons.

The Phillies have effectively fired Ruben Amaro Jr. as GM after seven seasons. His early moves were understandable—the team was still good enough that future-mortgaging moves to keep their window open were defensible—but he’s had more than enough time since then to rebuild and restock, and hasn’t successfully done so. »9/10/15 12:59pm9/10/15 12:59pm

This Moment Of Phillies Ineptitude Brought To You By The Bullpen Phone

How bad were the Phillies against Baltimore tonight? So bad they had to bring in Jeff Francoeur to pitch. Except that Francoeur couldn’t get anybody out, so pitching coach Bob McClure tried to call down to the bullpen to get a real pitcher up. One problem: the bullpen phone was off the hook after Philadelphia found… »6/16/15 10:19pm6/16/15 10:19pm

Ruben Amaro Jr.: How Bad A GM Do You Think I Am?

Last night, CSN Philadelphia’s Jim Salisbury reported that the Mariners are “checking in” on speedy Phillies outfielder Ben Revere. This makes sense: Revere has been squeezed out of his natural left-field role, and despite a down year, is still miles better than what Seattle has been getting from its leftfielders this… »6/11/15 5:20pm6/11/15 5:20pm

The Phillies' GM Is Sick Of All These Fans Who Just "Bitch And Complain"

Phillies GM Ruben Amaro has constructed a team that has put together back-to-back 73-win seasons, and with the club’s current record sitting at 19-28, it doesn’t look like things are going to get better this year. And yet, Amaro would really like for all those disillusioned Phillies fans out there to just shut the… »5/26/15 3:26pm5/26/15 3:26pm

Phillies Fan Rips Home Run Ball Away From Old Lady

We’ve been over the ethics of who deserves baseballs that make their way off the field of play before (consult this flowchart) and so we feel it necessary to illustrate this incident from yesterday’s Diamondbacks-Phillies game, in which a Phillyfan pushes aside an elderly woman to grab Maikel Franco’s first career… »5/18/15 9:15am5/18/15 9:15am