"Wannabe Hooligans" Brawled In The Stands At A Philadelphia Union Match

A soccer-loving pal of mine who wishes to remain nameless emailed this morning about "a huge brawl in the Sons of Ben section" at last night's Philadelphia Union/Colorado Rapids match. The Sons of Ben to which he referred is the name of a group of hardcore Union supporters; they march in en masse and sit at the… »7/30/11 6:00pm7/30/11 6:00pm

Here's Video Of The Time The Philadelphia Union Gave The World Its Daily Soccer Highlight

Carlos Ruiz, the Philadelphia Union's prized free-agent pickup muffed a free kick last night, right in front of the Sons of Ben fan club seating area. Then, it bounced back out to Ruiz's left foot about 25 yards from goal. And then, a young franchise got an early "Goal of the Year" nominee. »5/22/11 2:00pm5/22/11 2:00pm