Frank Clark Keeps Punching People And This Time It's Philip Rivers

San Diego Chargers players are mad at Seattle Seahawks rookie Frank Clark today, after he punched Philip Rivers in a scrum during last night’s preseason game in San Diego. As you can see, Rivers holds onto Clark after the play, which looks like it angered him. King Dunlap emphatically pulled Clark off of Rivers, which… »8/30/15 2:54pm8/30/15 2:54pm

Is This Philip Rivers's Last Year With The Chargers?

That vaunted quarterback class of 2004 will turn 34 this year—right around the age, if you're a good-to-great QB like Ben Roethlisberger, Eli Manning, or Philip Rivers, you get that last longish-term contract to set you for life. Roethlisberger got his extension; Manning's is likely coming soon. But Rivers has made… »3/18/15 9:25am3/18/15 9:25am

The Chargers Are Still Trying To Hide Philip Rivers's Injury

After Antonio Gates spoke out of class and revealed that his quarterback has been dealing with a "severe rib injury," the Chargers closed ranks. Rivers said he was fine. His coach said he wasn't injured. Gates claimed he had been misquoted. Then, yesterday, Rivers showed up on the injury report with a "chest injury." »11/20/14 9:42am11/20/14 9:42am

If Ever A Moment Called For Facepalm, It's Philip Rivers Last Night

How do you blow a 24-0 halftime lead? Account for six turnovers, as Philip Rivers did last night in guiding the Chargers to a 35-24 final score, and you might just do it. To say it was laughable is an understatement, though most of us were, indeed, laughing. (Hopefully after the final interception—a pick six—even… »10/16/12 9:00am10/16/12 9:00am

The Chargers Gave The Game To The Broncos: Denver-San Diego, In A GIF

Denver 35, San Diego 24: The thing about GIFs is that they are just a series of images rapidly displayed on an infinite loop. Philip Rivers and the Chargers know the feeling. Here is just one of several backbreakers—he had four on the night—and it went back for a touchdown. It capped 35 unanswered points from the… »10/15/12 11:52pm10/15/12 11:52pm