Diana Taurasi's Russian Team Is Paying Her To Skip The WNBA Season

Since the early 2000s, many WNBA players have also played for teams overseas. The WNBA season is only four months long, so they can effectively play for two teams in one year. They do this for the obvious reason: money. Brittney Griner, who was a WNBA sensation during her rookie season, was paid just $49,440. In China… » 2/03/15 10:45pm 2/03/15 10:45pm

Brittney Griner Throws Down Two Dunks In Her WNBA Debut

Former Baylor superstar and all-around badass Brittney Griner made her WNBA debut for the Phoenix Mercury last night, and she made quite the impression. Griner, who became known for her ability to dunk while at Baylor, threw down two dunks in her first game as a pro and became the first WNBA player in history to dunk… » 5/28/13 12:36pm 5/28/13 12:36pm

Brittney Griner First Came Out To Her Mother In The Ninth Grade

It's been a few weeks since Brittney Griner casually came out by announcing she was already out. Today, in a first-person essay for The New York Times, she provides the backstory, which begins with a conversation she had with her mother when Griner was in the ninth grade: » 5/06/13 2:14pm 5/06/13 2:14pm

Phoenix Mercury Practice With Mayor, Break His Nose

Greg Stanton became Phoenix's mayor last November in what was called the "nastiest" and "most contentious mayoral Phoenix has seen in nearly 30 years." As nasty as Stanton might be, he's no match for Nakia Sanford's flying elbows. » 8/14/12 10:00am 8/14/12 10:00am

WNBA Player Has Funny Name When Pronounced Incorrectly

Phoenix Mercury vet DeWanna Bonner—who could probably take anyone on staff here in a game of Horse or 1-on-1, but not knockout, never knockout—has a name that begs to be said aloud in a bad Jamaican accent. » 7/22/10 6:00pm 7/22/10 6:00pm

Can You Name The Things Wrong With This Lede?

"The Mercury turned the Tulsa Shock's "40 minutes of Hell" into 40 minutes of fun. Just ask the 6,580 who witnessed the Mercury set a WNBA record for points in a game in a 116-84 win Saturday night." [Arizona Republic] » 6/14/10 11:00am 6/14/10 11:00am

Seats For Steve Kerr and 7,000 Of His Closest Friends

Yes, I know we're getting a little women's basketball-y tonight. But it's the first game of the WNBA Finals! See that packed house in Phoenix? Here's a tip: a lot of those people aren't exactly paying customers. » 9/29/09 10:30pm 9/29/09 10:30pm

Yes, We Do Acknowledge The WNBA Champions

We have a firm rule around these parts: When a team wins the championship of a national professional sports league that shows up on national telecasts, they get a congratulatory post. » 9/17/07 1:35pm 9/17/07 1:35pm