Syracuse Has Fired Bernie Fine

Bernie Fine has been "terminated, effective immediately" according to a statement released by Kevin Quinn, the senior vice president for public affairs at Syracuse University. The decision comes in the wake of new allegations surfacing against Fine as well as ESPN's report that Bernie Fine's wife, Laurie Fine, had … » 11/27/11 8:50pm 11/27/11 8:50pm

"He Thinks He's Above The Law": Bernie Fine's Wife Secretly Taped On…

Jim Boeheim may not be Joe Paterno, but things may be unraveling for him just as they did for Paterno. The wife of assistant coach Bernie Fine, Laurie Fine, allegedly had phone conversations with her husband's accuser, Bobby Davis, where she admitted she was aware of several of his transgressions. Davis provided the… » 11/27/11 10:25am 11/27/11 10:25am