Biathlete Celebrates Early, Nearly Blows Gold

Norway's Emil Hegle Svendsen had the 15km mass start biathlon locked up—until he raised his arms and nearly got caught by France's Martin Fourcade, lunging just beside him. How close was Svendsen to accomplishing one of the biggest Olympic boners of all time? Real freaking close: » 2/18/14 12:02pm 2/18/14 12:02pm

Today's Indy Lights Race Featured An Insanely Close Finish

This is the final lap of today's Firestone Freedom 100 on the Indy Lights racing circuit. It ended with a four-wide finish that was by far the closest in the history of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. » 5/24/13 2:50pm 5/24/13 2:50pm