Sadly, This Great Picture Of Ronaldo Stealing Messi's Girl Is Fake

Cristiano Ronaldo won his second Ballon d'Or yesterday, awarded to the year's best soccer player. He beat out Lionel Messi, who had won it four years in a row. Ronaldo's win was expected (though neither he nor Messi had each other in their top three), so the highlight of the gala was the above photo that made the… » 1/14/14 9:34am 1/14/14 9:34am

Photoshop Contest: Let's Rebrand The Washington Redskins

The folks at 99designs are running a community contest to rebrand the Washington Redskins with a new team name and logo. They reached out to a few journalists to get some suggestions—e.g. Warriors (Robert McCartney), Griffins (David Plotz), and Renegades (Ken Meringolo and Kevin Ewoldt)—but anything goes, as you can… » 10/09/13 11:08am 10/09/13 11:08am

Washington Post Photographer's Award-Winning Wrestling Photo…

Tracy Woodward, a staff photographer for the Washington Post recently won an Award of Excellence from the White House News Photographers Association for the above photo. Well, not exactly the above photo. Move that handy slider thing all the way to the right to see the original picture, as published in the newspaper » 2/26/13 6:20pm 2/26/13 6:20pm

The Famous Photo Of Juan Marichal Beating Johnny Roseboro With His Bat,…

How many times have you seen the AP photo of an enraged Juan Marichal hammering Dodgers catcher Johnny Roseboro with his bat. Unfortunately, the AP still shot mostly in black-and-white in 1965. So Reddit user "BradyIsAnElitePunter" took a whack at colorizing the picture in Photoshop. (Click to see the full photo.) » 8/16/12 6:15pm 8/16/12 6:15pm

Photoshop Time: Rob Gronkowski On The Cover Of "The Body Issue"

Yes, yes: We've said we're pretty much over any and all photos of Rob Gronkowski without a shirt. And we meant it! But as soon as we saw this image of Gronk on one of the covers of ESPN The Magazine's forthcoming "The Body Issue," we just knew it was ripe for your photoshops. I mean, look at those ... hands? Just use… » 7/10/12 5:40pm 7/10/12 5:40pm

Your Doug Gottlieb Jerkoff Kid Photoshop Roundup

After we finally stopped laughing at that fantastic .gif of the kid who made blowjob motions last week behind ESPN's Doug Gottlieb, we knew we had to turn to you. By dangling another prize of some stupid crap from our desk, we asked for your photoshops, and once again you came through. Jim Cooke, our expert… » 3/02/12 5:05pm 3/02/12 5:05pm

Photoshop Contest: Raiders LB Rolando McClain's Fantastic Perp Walk Grin

When we first saw the above photo of Rolando McClain after he was arrested yesterday in his hometown of Decatur, Ala., on misdemeanor gun and assault charges, we kind of thought it had already been doctored. I mean, just look at that facial expression, at that playful tilt of the head. But the photo, as is, was… » 12/02/11 12:50pm 12/02/11 12:50pm

Presenting Your Ryan Howard At A Food Store In A Motorized Scooter…

The above photo is of Ryan Howard, and it was taken at a suburban Philly Whole Foods on the day after the Phillies were knocked out of the National League playoffs by the Cardinals. The game ended with Howard recording the final out and tearing his Achilles in the process, which explains the scooter. The image is… » 10/20/11 4:55pm 10/20/11 4:55pm

Photoshop Contest: Ryan Howard At A Food Store In A Motorized Scooter

The internet has been passing around this photo of Ryan Howard for several days, or at least since it was discovered after being tweeted by a fan who snapped it at a suburban Philly Whole Foods. It is at once sadly and hilariously emblematic of the sudden conclusion to the Phillies' season. » 10/14/11 1:40pm 10/14/11 1:40pm

Newspaper Actually Photoshops Out Player To Make Play Appear Offside

We take it for granted that our local media outlets are going to be homers, and that's generally fine. We're fans, and we want to get coverage from our perspective. But no one can complain about Hawk Harrelson after seeing how a Spanish paper airbrushed a crucial player from a photo to make an erroneous point. » 2/22/11 11:15am 2/22/11 11:15am