Photoshop Contest: Timofey Mozgov's Esquire Spread

Earlier today we posted some images from Timofey Mozgov's astounding photoshoot in Russian Esquire. Some of you took it upon yourselves to give these images the Photoshop treatment they clearly deserve, including Fred Merkle's inspirational work seen here.

Below you'll find a number of transparent templates to do as… »5/19/14 2:35pm5/19/14 2:35pm

The Washington Redskins, Rebranded: Your Best Submissions

99design's "Rebrand The Washington Redskins" contest ended this weekend, with the logo above (by user Mixaurus) winning the $499 prize. Apparently the polls were overrun with pro-Redskins trolls or graphic designers are really nit-picky (or both), because the second-highest-rated submission garnered just a 2.2 star… »10/14/13 6:45pm10/14/13 6:45pm