The Washington Redskins, Rebranded: Your Best Submissions

99design's "Rebrand The Washington Redskins" contest ended this weekend, with the logo above (by user Mixaurus) winning the $499 prize. Apparently the polls were overrun with pro-Redskins trolls or graphic designers are really nit-picky (or both), because the second-highest-rated submission garnered just a 2.2 star… » 10/14/13 6:45pm 10/14/13 6:45pm

Photoshop Contest: Rocket Frog

Rocket Frog will be, without a doubt, the enduring image of this century. It is a perfect work of art, and it will never be topped. As such, we are sure that there are plenty of other pictures and situations out there that could be improved by the presence of Rocket Frog, and you are going to do the improving. » 9/12/13 3:40pm 9/12/13 3:40pm

Photoshop Miguel Diving Into Other Ill-Advised Situations

Miguel made quite the splash when he landed on two innocent spectators at last night's Billboard Awards. In fact, several more people have heard of Miguel this morning than had last night! Nobody said increasing that Q score was going to be easy. » 5/20/13 2:00pm 5/20/13 2:00pm

Photoshop Contest: Sad Jason Dufner

Sad Jason Dufner being sad in a classroom full of children is our favorite thing about today. We can't stop staring at his mopey face and giggling to ourselves. Naturally, we decided that this picture calls for another Photoshop contest. Here's your cut-out: » 3/28/13 5:00pm 3/28/13 5:00pm

Photoshop Contest: Unflattering Beyoncé Pictures

Beyoncé performed during halftime at the Super Bowl this year. You may have heard about this. Beyoncé's performance was so captivating that the internet is still buzzing about it, although much of that buzz has to do with some pictures of Beyoncé that some consider to be unflattering. You know what the best thing to do… » 2/07/13 4:45pm 2/07/13 4:45pm