OKC Players Confused About What "Controlling Our Own Destiny" Means

Last night, the Thunder suffered a blow in their struggle with the Pelicans for the final playoff spot in the West. While they were busy getting creamed by the Spurs, the Pelicans somewhat surprisingly knocked off the Warriors. The results leave the Thunder one game back in the loss column with four games to play, and… » 4/08/15 2:55am 4/08/15 2:55am

Hawk Harrelson Has "Sacks Packed With Seamen"

We received several tips about this and considered it to be sort of juvenile. Yes, yes, Hawk Harrelson said "seamen" and it sounds like "semen" and his "sacks are full of them." But then we actually watched our footage and started laughing. Maybe that makes us juvenile, who knows, but it's pretty clear Hawk knows… » 6/03/12 12:00pm 6/03/12 12:00pm