The Most Inspirational Sports Photos Of 2012

These photos, collected from the year in sports, will restore your faith in humanity, will make you say "awwwww," and you probably can't make it through them without crying. » 12/27/12 1:15pm 12/27/12 1:15pm

Here's A Photo Of A Very Young Indians Fan About To Pound A Bottle Of…

This photograph is brought to you by tipster Jason Martynowski who notes, "I caught this on tv. Took a pic with my phone. Enjoy." » 4/16/11 4:15pm 4/16/11 4:15pm

Dr. James Andrews Giveth and Taketh Away

Orthopedic Hall of Famer Dr. James Andrews has saved the careers of countless athletes with his special brand of ligament justice, but occasionally he makes an oops and cripples healthy people for the rest of their lives. No one's perfect. » 7/28/09 5:15pm 7/28/09 5:15pm