Cocky Pigeons Think They Can Just Walk On The Field During Rays Game

A trio of pigeons hung out in the infield of Tropicana Field during tonight's Royals-Rays game. They thought they owned the place, strutting around and bobbing their heads with no regard for the baseball going on. » 7/07/14 9:55pm 7/07/14 9:55pm

Giant Pigeon Spies On Oregon Football Practice

Oregon's athletic video department says its "new pigeon friend" was simply an ordinary pigeon that parked itself in front of a remote camera high above Autzen Stadium. But we know the truth. We know no one in Eugene is willing to say anything that might anger their new pigeon overlords. » 10/22/13 6:42pm 10/22/13 6:42pm

Angels Reliever Rescues Injured Pigeon During Game

When he noticed a wounded pigeon near the Angels' bullpen last night in Oakland, reliever Dane De La Rosa sprang into action. He was determined to bring in the injured bird to safety. » 7/26/13 9:58am 7/26/13 9:58am

Justin Fargas Has A Theory About That Special Teams Pigeon

"Yeah, it was definitely a strange event seeing that bird flying out there. It seemed comfortable on the football field and comfortable lying down there literally on special teams. It very well could have been Marquis [Cooper]." [Via] » 10/23/09 12:30am 10/23/09 12:30am