J.R. Smith's Twitter Come-On Has Been Immortalized On A T-Shirt

We all remember exactly where we were when we first saw J.R. Smith's classic pickup line winking coyly at us from the computer screen. Now, thanks to The Knicks Wall, those six famous words will live on forever in T-shirt form. Order one now. It's the perfect gift for that very special Twitter jump off in your life. »3/27/13 3:10pm3/27/13 3:10pm

Ladies, J.R. Smith's Twitter Come-On Will Have You Sopping Wet [UPDATE: J.R. Responds]

Last month, as the Knicks were in Philadelphia to play the Sixers, J.R. Smith was up to his old tricks. J.R.'s got something of a history with Twitter, and women, (and asses), so it's not like the young lady who chatted him up via direct message couldn't have known what she was getting into. Still, this is spectacular: »2/21/13 5:50pm2/21/13 5:50pm