Pro-Palestinian Protestors Storm Pitch, Fight With Maccabi Haifa Players

Maccabi Haifa was playing a preseason friendly against Lille in Austria when a group of protestors stormed the field and began fighting with the Haifa players. Allson Sinai of the Jerusalem Post reported from the scene: » 7/23/14 5:57pm 7/23/14 5:57pm

Adorable Puppies Invade Soccer Pitch; Dickhead Player Intervenes

Everyone who isn't a giant dickhead knows that there are few things in this world that are more enjoyable than watching doggies run around on a soccer pitch. So when three adorable doggies decided to interrupt a Bolivian soccer match, it should have been a joyous occasion for all. Too bad one of the players decided to… » 5/07/14 5:28pm 5/07/14 5:28pm

Pitch Invader Rushes Onto Field During Argentina-Sweden Match, Kisses…

While the U.S. was busy losing to Honduras in a vital World Cup qualifying match, other nations around the globe spent their Wednesday engaged in international friendly matches. One such bout became especially friendly, as Argentina's road trip to Sweden turned romantic when a Barcelona jersey-clad fan rushed the… » 2/07/13 11:30am 2/07/13 11:30am

Here's Video Of A Rapscallion Getting Face Planted On The Chinese…

This video is titled "China Football Special Pretending Footballer hitting Referee 追打裁判." What more needs to be said? Nothing, that's what. » 6/22/11 8:30pm 6/22/11 8:30pm